Menthol X, My Favorite Vapors!

I had been smoking menthol cigarettes for over forty years. Even though I love the flavor of a menthol cigarette, I never liked the smell of stale cigarette smoke. My wife had been bothering me to quit smoking. You know the routine, “Don’t you care about your health?” “Don’t you want to see your grandchildren grow up?” “What about the secondhand smoke? Don’t you care about our health?” Of course I care about all those things. And, the smell of stale cigarettes clings to everything. My clothes and hands always smelled like an ashtray. A lot of my friends were using E-cigs, so I thought I would give those a try. E-cigs create a vapor that dissipates quickly and leaves none of the after smell of a tobacco cigarette.

So, I started searching online for an inexpensive brand to replace my expensive cigarettes. One of the things that originally attracted me to Halo was that it is American made. How can you complain about the lack of jobs and the American economy, and continue to buy products imported from other countries. The second thing was being able to find a cost effective option, fortunately there’s this great Halo e cig coupon I found online.  The third thing was that whatever brand I chose, it had to have a menthol flavored option. There is nothing like the flavor of Menthol. You know that feeling you get get when you step out of the house on a cool, crisp autumn morning? Menthol X has all the menthol flavor of a cool autumn morning without the minty after taste of some other brands.

Halo E Cig CouponWhy do I like Menthol X? Flavor! Plain and simple, I like the taste of Menthol flavor. I started smoking Kool in 1975 and later switched to Newport, because of the strong menthol flavor. I always enjoyed the taste of a good menthol cigarette. With Menthol X, I can get the full-flavor and none of the worries about second-hand smoke or that stale smell from cigarettes. Halo has regular tobacco flavor, as well as those exotic flavors some people like. But, if you prefer the flavor of menthol, then menthol X is for you. I have tried a variety of other flavors, such as Subzero. I prefer the full-flavored goodness of Menthol X. But, just like cigarettes you can choose from a full-range of flavored strengths, from mild to full-flavor.

Try a Halo Menthol X today and discover a new way to get your nicotine fix, that’s American made and loaded with menthol flavor.